Confetti Cannon Hire

We own and operate the Strong air confetti cannon system that not only shoots confetti into the air but can also fire 3,6,9 or 12 cannons individually or at the same time from multiple locations on stage giving a perfect coverage of 360 degrees. This is great for product launches, stage shows, Nightclub Events, Student parties, Celebrations, Weddings, Birthday parties and these are superb at firework displays to provide the perfect finish.

Choose from Gold, silver or multi coloured reflective metallic paper or multi coloured standard flutter paper. We provide the confetti in 1kg bags this gives you the choice of many colours and shapes.

We also have a Universal Effects 500 Confetti cannon that is designed for large venues of 750 -1000 plus. This machine produces a huge amount of confetti in the air and looks stunning. Please click the following link:


Nightclubs & Student Events: We can add money off vouchers, Real Money or Gold cards to the confetti so that customers can get money off drinks or free entry to the next event. We have even added real money into the confetti for an amazing dash for the cash frenzy.