Co2 Hire


Foam Party Hire can supply CO2 effects which are CO2 guns that are handheld by an operate to blast people with cooling CO2 bursts, CO2 moving heads that blast CO2 whilst moving in a 360 degree rotation or we can supply dry ice hire for stage shows and low fog effects.

CO2 Gun: This Ibiza style CO2 freeze gun that fires a massive cloud of white smoke into the crowded dance floor. This cools the people on the dance floor by 20 degrees in quick short bursts. This is great for venues where foam, bubbles or snow may not be suitable due to the slipping hazard. This activity is also great for clubs where they don't want to get their customers clothes messy as it leaves no mess what so ever! Click on the youtube video on the right to see our machine in action.

IMG 0632

What we do: We supply a member of staff with the equipment for a nights hire which includes £5 million pound public liability insurance cover. 

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What you need to do: To keep the cost low we ask that the venue provide the liquid dip CO2 which can be purchased very easily from their regular gas supplier such as BOC, Air liquid or other main pub/club gas suppliers and put on your regular gas delivery. We normally use between 3 or 4 6ft bottles of liquid dip CO2 per night. The product is also know as LCO2 or liquid withdrawal CO2. Please call if your not sure as regular pub gas CO2 will not work! We can also supply the CO2 but this will incur extra staff and transport costs.


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For more information please contact a member of the team by clicking on our contact form or call 07554 655243.